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Day 23 – Pictures of 5 famous guys you find attractive

it’s hard to pick to just 5! >XD
anyway, in no particular order.
1. Chuck Bartowski
i put Chuck  instead of his real name, Zachary Levi, because it’s his character that i came to adore more than the actor himself LOL.

2. Chad Michael Murray
for being Lucas on One Tree Hill. he has the most mesmerizing eyes grabeee ♥

3. Harry Potter
not Daniel Radcliffe, and specifically Harry Potter from the 3rd installment (Prizoner of Azkaban) because it’s his last totoy look. On the fourth installment, he already hit puberty and became more manly. Eh wala lang, I prefer this look.

4. Ryan Agoncillo
my forever crush since grade 6, specially when he wears glasses and hosts Y Speak.

5. Usui Takumi
my ideal guy aka someone who most probably doesn’t exist in real life. but still my ideal anime guy.