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Roman Fugoso aka FUEGO of FlipTop Battles

BWAHAHAHA pwedeng kiligin? maka-ilang ulit ko na kasing pinapanood tong laban nya kay Batas eh. Ang cute nya, ang talino pa. I actually rooted for him in this battle because he caught me with his wit, that’s when i started liking him and err stalking him. It took me some videos to catch his real name. Just like with Abra (Raymond Abracosa), his name was mentioned once eh nakalimutan ko na e so ginoogle ko agad for a possible verification. LOOOOL among my FlipTop crushes, i like him the best cos he’s more wit than humor. yeah i like him even more than Abra and Anygma (well they kinda tied somehow but Fuego’s got more exposure so i can’t really say haha) ! His losing streak isn’t even a turn off point. Ang cute pa nya! aaaargh. yeah i’m a sucker for smart guys… na chinito… at magaling mag english…. pero sana hindi adik hahaha.

rapper, gamer, drummer, skater, oh and did he mention he wasn’t really Chinese? whatever. chinito ka parin.

Shout out to FUEGO. ehem, if you’re some kindofa vanity googler and you happen to stumble upon this page, COMMENT NAMAN DYAN O. HAHAHAHAHA wag lang tripper ha? >:)

i dunno why i’m staying this late. school’s up tomorrow! goodnight Fuego! ew, this is like level 1 of my growing obsession. creepy ba, sorry. i’m much decent in person. >:D