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Month: May 2011

  • Day 17 – Your highs and lows of this past year

    that’s 2010! highs – grades! HAHAHAlows – madaming puyat. madaming iyak. madaming selos. walang pera. and well, madaming panget. >:| fuego. seryoso. buong araw syang nasa utak ko. hinahanap ko nga sa school eh, kahit look alike man lang. HAHA may crush na ko dalawa! yung isa kilala ko na! as in kilala na rin… Continue reading

  • Day 16 – Your views on mainstream music

    when i think of mainstream (as of 2011 2nd quarter) i think of lady gaga, katy perry, justin beiber and all those popular contemporary artists. i’m familiar with them but i don’t really dig them. >:) the only time i enjoyed mainstream music was when it was jason mraz and linkin park on the spotlight.… Continue reading

  • Roman Fugoso aka FUEGO of FlipTop Battles

    BWAHAHAHA pwedeng kiligin? maka-ilang ulit ko na kasing pinapanood tong laban nya kay Batas eh. Ang cute nya, ang talino pa. I actually rooted for him in this battle because he caught me with his wit, that’s when i started liking him and err stalking him. It took me some videos to catch his real… Continue reading

  • Day 15 – Your favorite Tumblrs

    naah. i don’t have any. useless entry! haha classes will be starting tomorrow! can’t say i’m looking forward to it, i just wanna see my friends na! yun lang! i’m probably killing myself with my schedule, 24 units plus 16 hours SA. but yknow, when you start working and earning moolah yer never lettin go… Continue reading

  • Day 14 – Your earliest memory

    that would be when i started kindergarten 2. i was 4 i guess. my k2 memories include having 2 close buddies, kelvin and jordan. kelvin was my classroom buddy, we like to tickle each other anlandi lang hahaha we were seatmates kasi. hehe jordan was my after school playmate, we would sneak into the classrooms… Continue reading

  • Day 13 – Somewhere you'd like to move or visit

    i wanna visit LB! yun. sakit ng ulo ko. asdjhatsdgasbhlasn parang gusto ko nung Huawei IDEOS na yun! cheapest android i spotted so far. and and, the Huawei E5! pocket wifi router! Lord!!!! >XD owell, said ako ngayon. i’m helping out on daddy’s hospital treatment expenses. >:| and i’ve got 2 bills plus one obligatory… Continue reading