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Day 3: My day in great detail

what is great detail…?
i know this is late HAHAHA

mommy woke me up for church, it’s 5 freaking am and i’m groggy as hell so i told her i’m going in the afternoon instead and went back to sleep, ah but not before downing two caps of meds. 3.5 hours later my cellphone rang and it was mommy, telling me ate wilma took the day off and that they’re on the way home so i should get up and make breakfast. askdhcabsa crap, i hate doing chores but yeah, no choice. >:| so i went down and cooked longanisa, fried rice and boiled kamote >8D they came, i set the table, we ate and blaaaahhhh. took a bath, went to my neice’s baptism as proxy ninang, ate a bit at the reception. talked a bit with my cousins. slept on the sofa. woke up with a bad headache, it’s the side effect of the morning caps i take. went home, slept for awhile, woke up again at 4. prepared for church. took the tryke. gonna get down to the bus stop. HAHA joke. i see my friends. JOOOKE. took the fx to sm north. got down at the church. walked up to the audi. which seat should i take? HAHA it’s joketime! sang. extreme moral dilemma. gave tithes. listened to pastor dave preach about the rewards of faithfulness. wrote my usual dear lord chorvaness. added items to my 2011 wishlist at the back of my dear lord notebook. muni-muni. end service. walked out. crossed to sm north. lined up the lagro jeepney terminal. paid till FCM. transferred at litex. took the dahlia jeep. went down. yellow tryke. home. ate wilma is back. >:) said hiiii!!!! went up. online. ate dinner. drank coffee. wasted time. blaaaah. is here.