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Month: April 2011

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    occupational hazards

    2 hours to go before i time out! >XD i woke up pretty late today, and to add up to the panic, i woke up to my boss’ text message! she said she’ll be late and i that i should attend to the speaker when he arrives. O_O so i got up and brushed my…

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  • word for word

    me: psst!jm: bagay! dapat laging ganyan!*apir* WAAAAHHHHH pwedeng mamatay sa kilig?! @_@

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  • teach me how to be real

    그리고 난 그녀와 내 인생의 모든 순간을 거 싫어요. 어쩌면 정확히지만, 음 10분의 9. 우리는 내가 참을 수있는 함께 보내는 시간의 1 / 10 없습니다. 아, 그건 잘못 됐어. 난 시간이 그녀의 10분의 9을 용인할 수있다. 십분의 일 때문에 그녀가 옳다는 주장 좋아해 몹시의 인수를 시작부터 자신을 억제 것이 시대의 전갑니다. 시간이 나는 대부분의 그녀를…

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  • seafood pesto pasta >8D

    che. naiinis ako sa sarili ko. sayo. lalo na sayo! at sa mga yon!!! kala nyo ba natural ang pagiging mabait? kahit na feeling ko oo (haha), lintek! mahirap! sobra! bat ang gulo ko? pag tinatry ko magpaka-bait naguiguilty ako kasi feeling ko ang plastic ko. pero pag puro kasamaan ang naiisip ko naguiguilty parin…

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  • dear blog

    andame. andame dame kong hindi kayang sabihin na dito ko lang nailalabas.bow.right now i’m semi pissed. >> there are really people out there who enjoy being cute. which is a clever disguise to flirting. and obviously they’re in denial because they want to convince themselves that they’re just being fucking cute and nothing else.>> and …

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  • yehey

    this is the start of an awesome month. tomorrow has to be an awesomer day and the days to follow has to be at least awesome by default. i am so friggin happy. kinikilig ako! seryoso! i’ve never been this giddy over something that is not of the male species so. uhm. thank you Lord.…

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