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Month: February 2011

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    johnny and jenny

    i dreamed about the young johnny and jenny from Endless Love awhile ago. in my dream, it was raining and jenny was inside a taxi, crying. johnny was outside, head bent down, soaking wet, topless and sortof bleeding . they weren’t talking in korean but i don’t understand what’s happening. i think jenny was calling…

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    disc graveyard

    here’s a dead blank DVD-R. i thought i could save with buying generic discs for 8 apiece but no, turns out all of them are sick. can’t copy data! right when i need to free a lot of space in my hard drive! so instead of throwing them, i drew on them, after all they’re…

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  • yesterday, my parents renewed their marriage vows! it was an event hosted by the home builders ministry where my parents are part of. 16 couples made it on that night, and 16 couples went out like newly weds fully blessed by the essence of the renewal. yehey! it was an emotion filled night because of…


  • yey!

    i finally bought a digicam for myself! yehey! yess wala na naman akong pera! ok, next: creative zen style 16G seagate 500G/1TB external HD laptop >:) tablet >:3 hmm…awhile ago, i tried zagu’s double espresso hoping that it’d have stronger effects on me. wala, parang cafe latte lang. mag cafe latte na lang tayo mas…

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  • not much time left

    and i’m not doing anything! i have every excuse to sleep late today (and skip schoolwork), but i can’t seem to decide on which reason to use. i could: finish watching Perfect Match continue watching Zettai Kareshi start watching Kimi ni Todoke try rewatching Gravitation continue reading The Book Thief and you know. there are…

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  • what?

    when i created my email account, yanibirog, i was frustrated because i wanted it to be yanbirog but unfortunately it was already taken. i created a yan.birog but the dot looked awkward so i didn’t use it. haha recently, or just a few hours ago, i logged into my email account and was shocked that…

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