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Rockmelt Browser

it’s pretty much google chrome with super enhanced feeds aggregator catering to social networking sites. i’m impressed at the convenience it gives. all the feeds from my most visited websites are well packed as icons on the side of the browser, i don’t even need to open a separate tab for each of them.

downside? hmm. i’m enjoying it so far but i wonder how it would go for multiple users. i mean, i open rockmelt and i’m automatically logged in to fb, twitter, gmail and formspring. i even set it as my default browser. so what if another user logs in? ohkay i have yet to try that.
anyhow, will be pulling off another all-nighter to finish this argh school newsletter layout due tomorrow. i can actually start layouting now but when i saw the articles, i thought, errr. so i asked EIC if i could do something about it. edit/rewrite at least. i mean. henako kasi.

ETA: tinamad na ko. kaka stalk. overkill na nga e. tsk.
bakit hindi ko narecognize na pacute pala tong JM (naka 3 sources pa ko). bat ba? di ko na kelangan malaman yon. hindi naman sya cute e, gwapo sya! gwapo! heh. matutulog na ko! good night!

Dear Lord,

please help me survive tomorrow, there’re so much thievery going on in the labs that we’re starting to look like irresponsible SA’s. yesterday i picked a small notebook and created my own “unadulterated lab reports”, some kinda of a work diary. uncensored shempre. it will contain everything that i’m supposed to do and have done for the day. i need to become more strict. and i’m willing to offer my time off-duty just to ensure these incidents don’t happen again, and if they do, at least we could track the culprit easier. seryoso. nakakaguilty kasi. bwiset naman, so what’s happening now? there’s a serial chop-chopper in the lab? pa-isa isang pyesa ganon? bobo much? di pa tinira yung buong motherboard!!! yaman din lamang na may screwdriver sya, or maybe he has a built-in one in his fingers. errrrr

we need to install CCTVs on all labs. asap.