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Month: January 2011

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    see how it sucks

    a sneak preview of how irresponsible we are that we downgraded from a news mag to just a newsletter with crappy writing and mediocre layout to boot. happy viewing.

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  • look who's writing

    i’ve met people who’re just all guts and no glory. i admire their confidence, but question their management.i’m guilty of being the obnoxious critic who believes she knows and can do better but eventually realizes she’s lacking some guts. those who complain on the sidelines and throw snide remarks are often told to either shut up…

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  • Rockmelt Browser

    it’s pretty much google chrome with super enhanced feeds aggregator catering to social networking sites. i’m impressed at the convenience it gives. all the feeds from my most visited websites are well packed as icons on the side of the browser, i don’t even need to open a separate tab for each of them. downside?…

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    killing me softly

    will donate blood later! hey i dreamt about jc and jen. in my dream, jc has already graduated and became a science teacher. i was chatting with him and jen got mad. argh nagselos daw. so they kinda left me. we were at sm megamall cinema section, about to donate books. ayon. i brought a…

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  • 5 minutes

    1. walking to her with open arms2. a year of longing etched in a half smile3. her heart leapt as he inched closer4. she ran to his embrace and cried5. failing to contain her happiness6. head buried in his chest, she drowned in his scent7. nostalgia8. he hugged her tighter9. took her hand for a…

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