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TGIF's Shanghai Chicken Salad

is made of awesome

shared a plateful of this with my friends yesterday, in celebration of my bestfriend’s birthday! she treated us to TGIF. haha first time to eat there, THE SALAD WAS AWESOME. well, the dressing was!! it was sortofa mix of lemon, lemon grass, pepper, vinegar, and something else. nakaka-adik. i could eat JUST that for an entire month if it’s not too expensive. wish i could improv but the dressing is to die forrrrr. >8D

photo courtesy of my friend, inez. >:)

honestly. when i’m with my highschool friends, i feel stupid, and poor. i couldn’t catch up with them. with their ostensibly intelligent sense of humor, their pasosyal ways. i SOMETIMES feel like i don’t belong anymore. i sometimes can’t get used to it. gaaaawd, social standards, just because we all came from an exclusive for-rich catholic highschool. i wonder if i’ll become like them in the future, seemingly rich and oozing with sophistication. then again, as long as i’m rich who cares if i don’t look like one. that’s less the trouble of being scrutinized.

UPLB corrupted my standards. FERN fucked it.