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hi Chuck

what if there exists a world or a city so high-tech that money is practically virtual and no cash is being printed. it’s a world where money is accounted in real-time and everything is balanced. money, in the form of digital signals, numbers, stuuuufff, is distributed in virtual accounts.  if you earn, someone loses. and vice versa. idk if that works but printing too much cash is economically degrading. so why not make money virtual? this way, you don’t have to count everything on your till and audit manually. i mean, it’s like obliterating cash and replacing them with debit cards. 
warning: if you don’t watch Chuck, you’ll be lost.
another thought. so Chuck has been highly engrossing me these days so i thought, what if we create intersects not with government top secrets encrypted into images, BUT with, say Chemistry related stuff? we could make a chip for Chemistry, another for Math, another for Physics, for Law, for COMPUTER SCIENCE… you know, just those really theoretical fields (uhh, i guess everything is, anyway). cos basically it offers knowledge upon flashing on a trigger. so, if i see a coffee bean i’ll flash everything about coffee, caffeine, yeah. 
and then, we could sell it for a million grand. it’s a technology so advanced i could only imagine it in movies. imagine if i had a Chemical Engineering chip, when i open it all the encrypted images that has to do with chemistry will be downloaded in my brain. then i could flash on an image of Bohr and know everything about his atomic theory. then again, it works only with a trigger. but it’s still goooood. i’d buy that, if it exists. 
but you know, coming from the series itself, the process of “intersecting” requires a highly capable brain. probably an IQ greater than or equal to genius. consequences have been made clear in the series that if a bunch of dimwits gets intersected, they go straight to the asylum, or in a coffin, whichever works. so i perceived that a mental test is necessary before proceeding to the purchase of the intersect. 
so in short, these chips are only for rich, smart (or lucky) people. that’s discrimination, the smart gets smarter and the dumb goes insane. uhm, this is a flop. i’m not gonna earn from this. this item isn’t marketable but the concept is fun. haha
i have another!!!!
so the hadron collider was made to help answer fundamental questions about physics, perhaps about how the world came about… BY inducing a collision using a particle accelerator. hopefully this will lead them to theorize more about the big bang? or the genesis? however they wanna do it, smashing two protons together in ultra-mega-high speed hoping to split it and confirm the presence of a much smaller unit of matter… is really cool and is boring holes in my brain. i’m not making sense.
so dear scientists, since you’re ardy too cool, once you’ve done all your research and experiments using this mega expensive and huge facility (the collider, yes), is it possible to recreate the big bang in a small vacuum and develop a miniature universe? since it’s a mini-universe, you could be a mini-God. 
hey. what if, this universe that we’re in is just a mini-universe from someone’s mini-vacuum from some mini-God’s experiment?! and the theory stretches on to eternity. and well, that’s scary. that’s almost limbo.
ok. God bless us tomorrow. i don’t know a thing.