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hey, we’re bestfriends but we only have, like 2 pictures together. one of which i am posting here lol

yeah. i miss sorely miss hanging out with you. you’re the only person i could trust talking about my crushes with. it’s a pain not to have someone like that nearby. everyone here blabs, and while i have no evidence that you do too, the fact that you’re a guy probably makes the suspicion less.

i have a new majorcrush and i badly want to share it with you. >:((((( other than that, i miss you!

it’s sort of like my favorite exercise right now. you know, biking! every afternoon i look forward to going around the subdivision to get a good sweat. well, i prefer biking in the morning cos i sweat harder with the sun but since i’ve got no time, the aft is okay. >:) 
so yesterday while doing rounds around the sub, i got chased by a dog. hahaha but i managed to stress myself enough to make me cycle faster. it was fucking barking at the humps. what a strategic place to wait for me.