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wrong about Flipped (spoiler alert)


at first it didn’t quite interest me, but when i came reading towards the end, the seemingly shallow pseudo-love affair between bryce and juli became totally engaging because of uhm, the conflicts with their families. i thought it was all about how juli pursued bryce with all the positive energy in the world and even to the point of embarrassment. the story wasn’t flipping enough AT FIRST. that’s until juli came to the point of hating bryce because she finally discovered how much he’s such a jerk. i loved juli’s character for being so honest and straightforward and kind. i loved her more when she realized that bryce isn’t worth her attention at all. then i loved her best when she gave the boy another chance at the end….. ‘to be seen in a different light’, as she puts it.

the thing about the basket boys sounded too flick-ish, like i’m watching straight from an overrated teen movie. right, it’s a teen novel, i forgot. but anyway, it’s a good thing juli broke from that almost-kiss. i would’ve hated her (a bit) if she gave in to her feelings hahaha. what’s with me and my fancy for hard-to-get girls? lol. hmm, another thing, bryce being the it-guy seemed all too weird to me. he’s a wimp. i didn’t like his character until he decided to change, for juli. awww. the best thing bryce did in the book was when he planted a sycamore tree on the baker’s lawn. WAHAHA that was pretty touching, coming from a totally good-for-nothing character. yeah

what i learned from the book? NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER, pertaining to guys though. and i meant it the other way around. don’t put too much regard on looks cos once you get to know them for real, you might get disappointed. oryt. that’s all. bryce granddad said something nice too, it goes somewhat like this…

sometimes, the whole is less than the sum of its parts.

i haven’t gotten around into thinking about it cos i still don’t get it. but it’s a pretty cool thing to ponder upon, mathematically… cos it’s like a riddle. and i’ve got an answer for it. LOL it’s like, 1 + (-1) + 2 + (-2) = 0
there are 4 parts to the left side of the equation but the sum is still 0. HAHAHA i’m probably not making sense. sorry.

or maybe what his graddad really meant was, BRYCE is not worth it. like, there’s LESS to him than his bright blue eyes and sharp jaws and shiny hair. he’s a jerk inside, is that it? hm. i think so.

alright. next: THE BOOK THIEF by Markus Zusak FINALLLYYYYY >;D


during my siesta, i dreamt that i was working for the FBI. >8D i have this classified brown envelope with an FBI seal, and i was working at our basement, using this laptop. God knows what, but my dad’s into it too. COOOOOOL