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Month: September 2010

  • still a crab

    but i’m out of the hole-full of crabs for now. i’m wandering on the shore with my co-crabs. we’re getting along well, that is, you know, until we get into another hole. haha see what i mean? i thought i was the only one bickering about our job but looks like i have the entire…

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  • i'm such a crab

    and this crab needs a break. from work. from school. from the people around me. i’m not growing. and everyday i abhor the growing amount of distrust i feel towards the people close to me. minsan i want to quit the friendship because i’m not comfortable with their attitudes anymore. i don’t understand if i’m…

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  • dramaramarama

    i told my parents i was resigning and they both beamed up. finally i can visit the hospital to get my ever so aggravating allergies checked. finally i can enroll at driving school. finally i can get an appointment at DFA. finally i can accept freelance projects. finally i can swim everyday. finally. it seems…

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  • supercaffeinated yeah

    i’m excited to FORCE my friends to buy our fund-raising shirt, which is the one i designed. LOL. i finally convinced meg to sell the damned thing for profit and of course, for artist exposure KUNO. bwahahaha i know it’s a really cool shirt, i’m proud of it. and it’s gonna bring the org some…

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  • in fairness

    my boss didn’t flare at me this morning. so i was in a good mood the entire day. believe me, the moment i saw her head poking up behind her monitor at the back first thing in the morning, my whole body was filled with dread. whenever she calls me, my head screams, “what the…

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  • haynako if i wasn't such a slave for money

    i’m quitting soon. 🙂 recently, with the so many small mistakes i’ve done, i don’t think my presence is still an asset in the library. not the right soil for me to grow, apparently. after this term i’m going job hunting! yehey! >:) eto lang talaga, allow me to be bitter for awhile. i still…

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