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my day has just begun

i’m not sleeping anytime soon.

to do:

1. java project
2. poster design – which i presume is going to be extremely crappy and disappointing since i didn’t start it earlier. what’s new? errrr.

FACT: August 2010 will have 5 Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays. It only happens once every 823 years!

to whoever said this fact and to those who thought this was interesting, speeeecial, and worth its own twitter account and facebook fanpage, check your fucking calendars.

first of all, after 823 years (that’s year 2833), august will not have 5 sundays, mondays and tuesdays. instead it will have 5 mondays, tuesdays and wednesdays. that claim is only true 823 years back (check august 1187) . damn.

and about the 5 repeating weekdays in a month? again! CHECK YOUR CALENDARS, it happens quite a lot. i mean, october 2010 will have 5 fridays, saturdays and sundays. december will have 5 wednesdays, thursdays and fridays. and may 2011 will be the same as august this year.

maybe what struck you people is the 5 repeating weekdays, since we know we only have 4 weeks in a month. i understand, i fell for that at first, until i saw september, october, november…. and sank in dismay.

so, dude. do your research. i can’t believe i’ve wasted valuable time refuting your claim.

i’m not sleepy, thank God. >:)