A very personal blog


i don’t know why i’m letting my health perish in this room. @_@; currently at blenz megamall, for the wifi, for the coffee… errr and for the second hand smoke because there are no available seats at the other side of the shop. sucks. i hope it doesn’t rain cos i forgot to bring an umbrella. =___=;;

i need to research. i came all the way here to research for designs and source codes and other things that’s fucking up my sleep patterns right now. why, the connection here is the best, and if i don’t work out on getting a decent connection at home, i’d be wasting my entire lifetime here. -___-;

i’m looking for ways to not regret buying the LG KP500. my only complain is that, my inbox and sent folders load slow. i’ve only got 57 messages and i have to wait for 1-2 seconds for a single message to open. that’s really slow. if my phone does not respond for 2 seconds, i call it slow. i know most of you would too. rrrrr

kkkkkkkk, nothing productive yet and it’s 430. damn. ;___;