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i couldn’t believe how much i put my entire academic life on that single piece of technology, such that when it got lost, my world was in shambles. i couldn’t study. i couldn’t write a single code. my life as an in-progress-fail-programmer was sabotaged because i lost/misplaced/dropped my USB somewhere i don’t remember.

i’m depressed! HUHUHUHU that 4gigs transcend USB covered with pink snoopy printed scotch tape meant a lot to me. a lot, meaning my entire database and OOP grades rely on it. my notes are there! my source codes! and they’re not simply source codes. for one thing, THEY RUN.

WAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! !@#$%^&*()_)(*&^%$#@!@#$%^&*()

ETA: Lord, my life is a mess. i couldn’t get a single code to work. fucking red outputs all over! i’m in the mood for studying but my mind isn’t. deppressed sya Lord. brain wants the USB back. huhu is there any kind of music that could awaken the dormant programmer in me? assuming that everyone has a dormant trait inside, then i would probably have a recessive programmer gene. wake it up Lord. please. i’m no good without my USB. it’s kinda like my (academic) life. am i violating commandment #2? (or 1? idk) SORRY LORD. please please show me my USB WAHUHUHUHUHU WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH

is this my karma for stealing a black 1 gig USB belonging to J**** R**** (i checked the files. couldn’t resist to know if the guy’s a good source. of codes). is it?? but i thought that was my good karma for sharing my homework to my friends.

oh the burdenssss of material attachment.  bwiset.