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ETA: i forgot what i was supposed to tell while browsing. hmmm. tomorrow’s supposed to be a holiday but some sonofa!@#$ scheduled for a remedial class. right when i should be sleeping the entire day. who says i’m coming. fuuuuck.

i’ve never had this much pimples in my entire life. HAHAHAHA osige, that’s not my biggest problem.

my biggest problem would be my health wilting the more i spend time at the circulation area at the library. and i couldn’t just tell my boss or my co-SA’s that i’m allergic to dust, cos the bulk of what we’re gonna do for the next terms include spending an entire shift wallowing in dusty, old, weathering books. @_@ (that’s if i’m staying. BIG IF)

and my fucking right knee is starting to hurt again. wtf is wrong with my body? i need exercise. i want to swim. i missed being fit. school has made me into looking like a wretched zombie every morning. and everyday it consumes me whole.

it’s my health that’s fucking my lifestyle right now!!! i’ve been wheezing my brains out the entire day because i spent two hours behind the shelves. i hate being at the front, but it’s better than spending a minute with old books.

i still hate our boss. occasionally. but i couldn’t bring myself to despise her entirely. everything she does is for the good of the library. and even though she sometimes doesn’t deliver her instructions well and blames us for lacking comprehension, i still respect her. but sometimes… k fine. lol

hala magcompute tayo ng grades. so far my midterm standings are okay naman. when i say okay, abot pa sa scholarship. ewan ko lang talaga sa tinapang PE na yan.