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feel good music >:)

slept at 8, woke up unwillingly at 2. now i can’t get my sleep back. which is why i opted to have an early breakfast, bread and coffee. then i realized something funky on the bread, which is molds, so now i only have coffee, uhm, and internet. 

btw, you don’t know how much courage it took me to fetch this friggin laptop from the basement. there were two cockroaches on the stairs, one dead and one alarmingly alive with its antennas waving like crazy, who knows if it flies? gaaaaawd. i’m deathly afraid of cockroaches, flying at worst. uhhhhh, generally speaking i hate bugs (for the majority of the world, who doesn’t?!).

errr. i’m bored. i’m not sleepy. i wish the water’s back. i wanna take a bath already. T_T;