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Month: June 2010

  • babbling out

    wow. here’s goes fucking insecurity. i’ll try to be nice. but damn. the problem is, i’m always nice. you’ll hardly notice if i actually hate you. i hardly hate people anyway. i just get paranoid a lot… threatened is the right term actually, and insecure. HAHA what. what do i need to change? i miss…

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  • ohnoes

    — why do i feel like something fishy is brewing? don’t leave me out! i’m so fucking curious. you dropped the hint mehn, you dropped it and the suspense is killing me. what is it that you need to confirm? may something ba? slow ako e. anyway, that’s all under the working assumption that nothing’s…

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  • anti-love song

    I’m not in love, so don’t forget itIt’s just a silly phase I’m going throughAnd just because I call you upDon’t get me wrong, don’t think you’ve got it madeI’m not in love, no-no I like to see you, but then againThat doesn’t mean you mean that much to meSo if I call you, don’t…

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  • ows

    what i need? part-time lover, full-time friend. i guess that would suit me right now. i think i’ve found a major crush! kindof. pero parang hindi pa ganon ka intense LOL. bakit o why? wala akong crush!!! ang boring neto meeeehhhhnnnnn. every tri ako may majorcrush dapat eh! why ganto? grrr

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  • jfsdadaeqa

    i woke up in a foul mood I DON’T KNOW WHY, but eventually i realized i have no reason to feel glum cos i just woke up from my most coveted siesta (teacher was absent. went home early). i dreamt of checking in at a cheap hotel, and the one who attended me was a…

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  • champions run toward their fears

    i want to be a champion too but i’m too afraid of taking charge, of taking responsibility and of taking the opportunities that boldly present themselves to me. i believe that, if you think you can do a better job, then do it instead. keyword: THINK. the problem goes with deciding to actually DO IT.…

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