A very personal blog

meeee >:P

Ten Favorite Places To Be:
(in no particular order)
10. my room
9. parent’s room when the aircon’s on. >:)
8. Blenz coffee shop
7. book stores
6. department store
5. cyberzone
4. swimming pool
3. basta there’s good and cheap food, street food, burger… 
2. UPLB awww
1. word wide web >:)

Nine ‘Weird’ Things About You:
(i don’t think i’m that weird though, and some of the things here aren’t weird either)

9. i bite my nails
8. i can’t sleep without my stuffed toy
7. i have no sense of balance
6. i can’t ride a bike
5. some of my friends think it’s weird that i don’t have a boyfriend yet. aba ma!
4. and that no one has ever courted me yet hehe
3. i like yaoi! bwahaha google it up if you don’t know
2. i write yaoi stuff as well… before 
1. uuuuuhhhh…. i like aliens?
Eight Bands / Musicians I Love:

8. Jason Mraz
7. The Bloomfields
6. Rico Blanco
5.  Bamboo
4. Coke Bolipata
3. Pianists
2. Violinists
1. Orchestra

Seven Things I Enjoy:

7. notebooks/journals/drawing pads
6. colored pens (looooots of them!)
5. swimming
4. blogging
3. drawing
2. reading
1. having a big crush on someone haha

Six Smells I Enjoy:
6. coffee
5. white musk (the body shop)
4. vanilla
3. adoboooo
2. pabango ng mga crush ko pwede? hehe
1. cinnamon

Five Things To Win My Heart:
5. spend time with me
4. be a close friend
3. do me favors i’m not asking of you
2. don’t keep me guessing. tell me if you like me
1. be honest, punctual, loyal, sweet (pero sakin lang LOL i should know if you’re doing it to everyone else)

Four Things On My Floor Right Now:
4. slippers
3. stool
2. nails lol
1. dust

Three Favorites:
Band: none
Book: the alchemist
Movie: none

Two Practical Things I Need:
1. money! duuuh
2. more money please!

One Person I’d Marry On The Spot:
1. as in on the spot? evan. cos i never doubted him.