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Month: May 2010

  • hello endorphins

    i don’t remember why this day feels happy, but it does so thank you Lord! >:D BWAHAHAHAHA i must’ve eaten too much banana over the time i was sick, and wait, i ate banana for lunch too. that must’ve been the cause why i’m not snotty over the irritating humidity. first day of school and…

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  • discharged

    gone for a week cos i got sick and was confined. i knew it, may is not my month. i got a bad foot sprain at the start of the month and a gastrochorvaloo infection right when school just started which cost me a week of absence and 20hours worth of salary. grrr… monday: woke…

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  • emo emohan

    hala. ang sakit! bumabalik amp! @_@ganon talaga diba. you can’t love without looking like a fool. and even if the last thing you wanna do is to save your pride from all the hurt, hindi mo parin maiiwasan mag mukang tanga. i promised myself na last na talaga to! isang bagay na lang kelangan ko…

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  • scary dream

    just this afternoon, i dreamt of losing one teeth. it was scary cos the setting was right here in the room, i just woke up from my siesta and felt one of my front teeth aching. i checked it at the CR and it fell off!!! then i was nagging mommy to call dra. monette…

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  • the one i can't sleep without

    i don’t know why i can’t leave my stuffed toys behind. i’m 19 and i still sleep with fake animals. i feel uneasy when i don’t have anything to hug when sleeping. her name is Baks, i don’t know why i give stupid names… i have a turtle named 30 and a dolphin called Pir,…

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  • Lord, you always surprise me. >:D

    i’m excited tomorrow because i’m going to write another letter to Jesus and i’m going to slash off a looooooot of things on my wishlist! andame ng natupad, thank you so much Lord! bwahahahaha! this day was soooo effing hot. got a hepa vaccine then came to antipolo with ate theresa. super adventure! best part…

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