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Month: April 2010

  • luis?

    last last night i dreamt that i was part of a santa cruzan and my escort was my gradeschool classmate. e wala lang, naalala ko lang cos i woke up laughing so hard at that dream kasi.. bat nga ba… ah kasi when were walking na, he held my hand and it felt awkward so… Continue reading

  • TAG you're IT

    TAG is probably the coolest MLM company i’ve ever encountered.MLM stands for multi-level marketing, in other terms, networking. LOL ok, i did kinda get tricked again, but i knew it was coming. i knew first hand i was coming to yet another networking orientation that guarantees income. but i was curious, and i was planning… Continue reading

  • break

    lol i thought i already quit summer job hunting but i just responded to a job offer. brian, tara ulit. baka sakaling dizizit na talaga hahahaha. this day, i did the laundry, ironed the clothes, and DID TERAI’S CHARGE SLIPS. you see, it’s a very simple task that she does everyday at home, she lists… Continue reading

  • yeah right

    i used to believe that love is a major friendship breaker and that if you don’t want to lose the closeness you once had with someone, never ever fall in love with him/her. that’s what it says in tumblr lol. i believed that, for quite a while… err ever since i stepped into a situation… Continue reading

  • BV

    bakit ba may mga babae na talagang sadyang nakakainis? kahit walang ginagawa sayo. tawag dyan, BV! bad vibes mehn. bad vibes. yung sobrang pacute at masyadong overbearing, not to mention malandi. fuuuuck those girls. ay mali, edi natuwa pa sila kung ganun nga. ano na lang, DIIIIEEEE!!!!! okay. nailabas ko na. tapos na ko sa… Continue reading

  • no regrets!

    this morning, brian and i came to convergys for our initial interview. hehe i just came to experience the application process, i wasn’t really planning on working there because my parents are both against it. anyway, when i heard that there were no part time slots available and that a shifting schedule would be observed… Continue reading