A very personal blog

there is so much i wish you knew but i will never tell you

// something i hate about myself… i hardly make things happen. so i’m not the right person to talk to if you want something planned out like an outing or any event. i’m too lazy for that. and unless i’m working on a deadline of for money, i keep on forgetting things.

// favors are piling up on my desk, projects, homeworks and stuff i’m not being compensated for. and i fucking hate it that they just throw it at me like i’m a fucking homework generator. i was looking forward to reading Dear John tonight and sleeping early, but i get it that i’m not getting any of those today. grrrrr

i wish i were less lenient.

// she got it all wrong. she insists there’s something but i bet my entire life there isn’t. it saddens me because no matter how it looks alright on the surface, deep down it really isn’t. two good things doesn’t always remain good when put together.

summer. i want summer to happen already because i wanna get rid of these feelings so bad. >:(
it’s going to be detrimental to my sense of focus. Lord, it’s too early. can’t it be after two years? here you are, giving me a chance, but you know i can’t take it. thank you for my first heartbreak. T__T;

summer, please!!!!