A very personal blog


i was wondering how people would react to it, but i end up unconscious about it… like i don’t care what they think. everything comes naturally, so what is there to suspect? and though i sometimes wonder if we really give that impression, i can’t put my finger on it, i have a lot of reasons to doubt. and i think they’re enough to conclude there’s nothing going on. duh? it’s all in your mind folks.

they say scorpios are jealous. freaaaking right. i’m too jealous but i always find a way to contain it. after all, i don’t know how to bitch out like most jealous people do. aaah, anyway…

if i could avoid it, i’d never walk alone at mapayapa 3 EVERRR. even in the afternoon. the tricycle driver maaaan. you know kuya 556? or 566? i don’t remember but that’s the number of his tricycle. he was the one who gave me a free ride the first time, then joked that i didn’t pay the second time we met, and this afternoon as i was nearing the terminal, he was waving at me like crazy. i laughed at the sight. it looked so stupid. it also gave me the chills. and he was joking that he’d send me home tomorrow. creepy. buti na lang wala akong pasok bukas… and i only have to worry about (and avoid) him on tuesdays, wednesdays and fridays. fuck that’s a lot of days. @_@ my golly. tae, ayoko sumakay sa kanya. ayoko na rin syang makita. sa pinkian na lang ako dadaan. LOL and he looks like one of my classmates. you know B? from the previous post? haynako epal.

alam ko na, i’ll learn how to drive then i’ll bring a car. >:D sounds good.