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grrr. i should remind myself not to put too much effort on design if i’m working under time pressure lest my code gets really messed up. our php midterms awhile ago was… ewan… fail? i’m pretty sure i’ll fail that part. maaaan, that was an exam! and i left my usb, which sucked big time cos i have 3 important files in there.. to be passed tomorrow. i should’ve gone back earlier to get it. sana andun pa bukas. :(( haynako. that was depressing. really, the smallest things depress me now, especially if it’s about acads. i actually like it that i’m being super grade conscious.

good news! i got perfect on both of my midterm exams on data structures and rizal. that’s good news, yeah. but nothing worth noting for cos data structure was really easy, everyone got a high score. and sorry, but i was really expecting a perfect score. rizal on the other hand made me soooo frakking guilty. you know why. i intentionally left some mistakes but they were overridden by the bonus points and the corrected items, so i got more than a hundred percent for that. what made me sink deeper in my chair was that our prof was so proud and asked the class to clap for me. every clapping hand felt like a sting to my conscience. but then again, everyone was guilty.  most of the class got high scores.

tomorrow will probably be a bad day. i remember being so disoriented the night i was studying english and 4GL, so my exams definitely perished because of that. i’m just waiting for the results. =____=;

terai and i promised each other we’d pay a visit to LB this saturday, but then, if we both get too lazy, we’ll probably not push through. but i want to! i wanted to document LB for the last time. visit tita beth, tita imelda, eat janges cheeseburger and choco banana shake, see freedom park and experience HM for the last time. i super miss LB. 🙁


PS: i was talking with someone awhile ago and couldn’t help admiring him, because right after graduation, he landed a well compensating job and is very happy with it. someday i’ll be like that, especially with the happy part! wahaha! we weren’t able to talk a lot cos he has to prepare for tomorrow, but i felt guilty, not being able to bond with him when were still at the campus, declining coffee treats because it sounded like we’re gonna date, and that made me feel awkward. i felt bad having to make excuses just to avoid being alone with him. and the rumors too (why do easily fall for rumors?). ha. ha. ha. ha. i could only imagine if i had accepted the offer… free coffee, and a good friend. i never saw that back then, did i? i was too busy trying to turn him off. >:|

PS2: currently reading, The Choice by Nicholas Sparks. good read so faaaar! nakaka-kilig! ♥