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Month: March 2010

  • this is so uncool

    5 pages in FILIPINO made my nose frakking bleeeeed.  i just finished 3 chapters of our term paper in Filipino. wtf, such a hassle. i’m sleeeeeeepy. btw. does it happen to you? that your dreams come true? literally! there are a lot of times when something happens and it feels too familiar like a dejavu,…

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  • !@#$%^&*()

    aynako! excited ako gawin yung VB project namin yun pala, may kelangan unahin! FILIPINO! grrrrri have every right to stay up aaaaaall night kasi babawi ako sa tulog tomorrow afternoon, unless my friends come over for our other projects haaaaay. ewan. wow. he’s talking to me na! when will i ever get over the pettiest…

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  • $$______$$

    forgive me, for i am going to sound like Rebecca Bloomwood right under the cut. >:(i stepped out of the coffee shop pretty pleased with myself after downloading 3 OSTs of Bleach, getting lots of sources for my two term papers, and overdosing on caffeine and cookies! then you know, i came down and checked…

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  • on coffee high

    feasting on cookies and mochachillo. i did tell you i’m going to research right? i’m done! halfway! bwahaha but i was kinda distracted with these make money online ads i’ve accross while browsing. so i’m trying ClixSense and NeoBux. basically, they pay users for clicking sponsored ads. >:) sounds cool. hahaha ano ba. i’ve always…

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  • can't hear ya!

    too much water in my head. @_@ awhile was great! too many kiddos! i remember i wanted to become a sunday school teacher but yadda, yadda, yadda, didn’t happen obviously.  anyway, summer plans? nothing! GYM. driving school for sure?. or some cheap house party with BTS, plus whoever calls. not really up for expensive trips…

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  • nyarghruhjaghfdaiuhajasdfg!

    bakit parang may alam kang hindi ko alam? bakit? anong alam mo? anong sinabi nya sayo? i’m letting go because i don’t think i can trust him. i’ve cried enough! STAPET. i don’t even talk about it anymore, but people keep bringing it up. chaka na yan, pwede? >:))))))

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