A very personal blog

whew! come on!

this is probably the busiest week of this academic year… for me! HAHA i thought i could enjoy the foundation week sleeping all day cos there are no classes, so i only have to tend to my library duties for the whole week. pero mali pala hahaha cos the library has a LOT of activities planned as well.

i ended up having to do something everyday which drains me physically, but nevertheless i’m enjoying it naman. so far. i mean. onga pala, i won FIRST PLACE in the poster-making contest hosted by the library. LOL i couldn’t believe it cos poster making meant being a master of OIL PASTEL and that’s like my least favorite medium of all. my work was the lightest actually, no heavy smudging or whatever. i couldn’t smudge and blend, that’s why.  in fact, i used colored pens  and black marker for the most part hahaha who cares? also, that’s probably the biggest artwork i’ve done individually, so far. that’s one whole white cartolina in 2 hours dammit. >__<; anyway, i still won so that’s cool! HAHAHA yehey for the cash prize!

ok. tomorrow has to be epic. i’ll be at school the entire day. yes, until the concert. cos #1) awarding of dean’s listers (yey!) #2) Creative Writing Seminar at the library (emcee) #3) Musical Poetry Contest at the library (emcee)

i didn’t know i could emcee (honestly), until ma’m ellaine put me (and adrian) at the AoG (ambassador of goodwill) programme. the script is the key. that was kind of a good break, actually.

i don’t believe people when they say i’m talented because i seriously don’t think so. media is to be blamed, i grew up believing talented people are those who could sing, act and dance. otherwise, you’re called artistic… which pretty much means the same thing but you know, the word ‘talented’ doesn’t sound right when you’re referring to an artist. yeah?  i dunno, really. i’m soooo sleepy. goood night. >:D

seeing juan miguel (another freaking codename for my majorcrush) doesn’t scare me a lot anymore… i think so?! haha ewan. it’s kind of fading… i’m not sure… i think it’s too early. lol