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uhh, good morning?

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#1) how to get

get what? the question box? or the quantum pendant (based on your referral link)?
assuming that was a complete question you submitted there…
quantum pendant: i dunno where to buy it, we just met an agent who’s selling it. try searching for Quantum Science. hehe
question box: go here… http://www.response-o-matic.com/



i slept for around 2 hours after coming home from school! >:D bwahahaha!

it’s feb! i did mention it’s going to be all about ‘love’ (or crushes, mostly) in this blog! let me start by featuring (yet again, but for the first time in this blog) my artwork entitled My Heart Says it All with a poem my friend plaridel created just for it >:D

my heart says it all by ~melodia04 on deviantART

my heart says it all
and i draw it true
with a steady hand
to guide me through

in black and white
our story emerges
i don’t need rainbows
to color the senses

my heart says it all
i want the world to see
love is what we live for
you and me, eternally

 yah! it’s the first time someone gave me poem haha thank you plaridel! 😀

by the way, i already told chamel who my crush is, HAHA after all the hesitation! LOL i drew him on a yellow (pink, actually) pad, even. nakakainis, he’s everywhere! yaaaah, like usual! eto nanaman ako! majorcrush aleeerrrrrtttt!

my crush! my crush! lalalalalaaaaa…. haaaaaaay ♥