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#1) lilibre mo ba ako? dami mo cash prize eh 😀
oba >;P


Nothing came for me during the 5 months he was absent, that was sort of like a recovery period for me. No new crush, nothing at all, I just did my best in my subjects (which when translated into UP vocab would amount to mediocre) and luckily I was able to catch up with the regular batch. So that time, I tried joining an organization. There I met, Mr. Ideal Guy. He’s the guy i’ve been talking about randomly in this blog… the one who wears glasses, has an undeniably high IQ, is an artist, the one who does well in his acads, and best of all… a Christian.

But then… has wasn’t a majorcrush for me, he just struck me big time because all i ever wanted in a guy is in him. but oddly enough, he didn’t give the sparks, he didn’t make me nervous, his presence didn’t stress my inner organs. he was simply… someone i’m extremely fascinated with. someone i enjoyed working with, especially when it comes to artistic stuff. his presence makes me feel light. maybe it’s his freaking spirituality oozing out. haha ewan.

you know what, there’s one memory of him i’ll never forget…

one time i was making a business out of my artworks. i’m making custom laminated cards with people’s name on it. i advertised it on multiply using a photo album entitled, ‘help arianne rule the world!’ where my sample artworks were displayed. when we met the next time, over the customary org handshake, he said “i will help you rule the world”. those freakin words, i don’t know, but they made me feel so light and happy. he’ll help me rule the world? hey, i’m having my first minion for world domination! and we’ve sealed it with a handshake! LOL i felt like all the aliens rejoiced, there were fireworks in mars and every UFO were doing exhibitions in space.

it was the coolest and most heartwarming response i’ve ever had. yeah. >;P

because i thought he was weird, and i like weird people, i let him borrow my book called ‘The Odd Brain’, it’s a little technical, but i thought it fits him hahaha, until now i haven’t gotten the book from him yet, and i have no plans to… for now. i want the book back, yeah. but i dunno. hahaha

ok, as far as my stalking is concerned, he has the neatest handwriting a guy could ever have. he’s a scorpio (yehey?) and we share the same province (like, one jeepney away). haha hahaha hahahahaha


why am i writing this? onga pala it’s feb! i like looking back at the days i’m so heavily heartstruck. memoriessss, yeheeeey.

by the way, i had a good good day. i didn’t spend anything on pamasahe cos daddy drove me to school this morning, nilibre ako ni brian pa-FCM, and terai took care of the jeepney fare for me. then we ate at YOSHINOYA. yumyumyum. favorite resto ever! >:D

i remember when i was still in LB, everytime i go home i’ll stop at sm megamall to eat dinner at yoshi! HAHAHAHAHA chicken teriyaki, miso soup, green tea, red gingerrrrr yuuuummmmmyyyy!!! >XD

okok goodnight! >:D