A very personal blog


the pretend job interview turned out to be really stressful than expected. sir lloyd interviewed me.. the questions weren’t hard but i was fidgeting like crazy. after the QnA portion he commented on the way i answered… the biggest comment i received was that i kept on switching tenses every now and then. past to future, present to future blah blah blah and that my thoughts were fragmented, it seemed like i was throwing five different answers at him at the same time

i liked him so much because he instantly knew what my probems were just by asking three questions (why our company? biggest weakness? the other one, i forgot!). 1) switching of tenses — i get that a lot of times back when i was still writing fanfiction. i swear, i wanted to fix that but i didn’t know where to start because i couldn’t recognize it in the first place. help? 2) fragmented thoughts — sir lloyd said i have to practice constructing a paragraph in my mind, and that i also have to unite my thoughts so there’s cohesiveness in my ideas. that’s the biggest reason why most of the time my entries are in bullets.

i wanted to fix those problems, promise! how how? >:|


by the way, i slept for 14 hours straight last night! hahahaha

hey, i dreamt of being in love with this friend of mine, but i was helping him court another girl daw. then i was crying like crazy. i woke up with a heavy feeling in my heart and all i could ever think was, oh my God that’s probably the most painful feeling in the world, then i wondered about him… why him? do i really feel that way  for him, after all? hindi ko alam. masyadong masakit yung pakiramdam. T___T;;

haha, and because i slept for 14 hours straight… i’ll probably hit the gym the later. whew, at last!

thank you Lord because i just received my second paycheck yesterday, swelday! haha 😛
it’s all for you. >:)