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Month: February 2010

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    aaaaahhh ok. sometimes people let suffering penetrate their lives because it’s the only thing that keeps them company when no one else is there. they blindly and desperately grasp anything within reach, and hold on, like their lives depend on it…even though it is painful, even if they know it will kill them in the…

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  • i thought i was on hiatus?

    well, scratch that! i have never been successful in any of my hiatus attempts. HAHA ang arte arte naman. o yan i’m back after a miserable two days. the reason why i went on a (fail) hiatus, is too personal, too sensitive and is something i’m trying to avoid talking about especially here! i’ve never…

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  • brb

    HIATUS who knows. 😐

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  • @_@

    AYOKO NAAAAAA!!! >:((((((((((((((((((((((

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  • ideal guy! 😀

    i found this in my private journal… dated august 2009 ——————————————— What is your ideal guy?Because you said ideal, I won’t hold back. I want a guy who has at least an above average IQ but is not a genius. I want smart kids with social lives! Wahahaha. Well, actually I just want someone whom…

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  • ready 🙂

    ah, now i know why i’m afraid. because i don’t know what it is. it’s the fear of the unknown that keeps me from exploring further. and now, now that i finally know how it feels and what it means, i can finally say i’m ready! yehey! i’m ready to take risks! 🙂 but for…

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