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tomi corn chips! XD

// there are times when i feel like blogging, but end up staring at a blank field instead. i missed those times when everyday i have something to tell, something to blog about, even when nothing much has happened in my life. those were the days when i was such a blogging freak i can’t contain myself from excessive posting. haha those were the times when i rant about everything that has happened in school, the shallow things. times when my blog was still called Indistinguishable Gibberish. hehehe

// anyway, i think i should buy a TV for my room. haha kala mo kung sinong may pera! HAHA onga, i need to buy a digicam first HAHA, chka laptop. sinong mabait? donations please! kahit pang-kape lang sa Blenz haha

// right! i was hyped about this “Dell Laptop Giveaway (read info tab to get one free shipped to you)” group at facebook! i mean, free laptop, seriously???? LOL i never suspected, so i joinedthe group and invited all my friends. but i couldn’t get past the human confirmation thing cos it says it’s not available in our country. :((((( awwwww. i wish they would make it available here! i could handle the shipping for all i care. just. give. me. a. laptop. please? hahaha