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// i’m gaining weight! oh noooooo! it’s every girl’s nightmare! you know yesterday, when i just downed two slices of cake, a chicken, a plateful of spaghetti and buko salad i told my mom, out of guilt, “ma, let’s try being vegetarian, and let’s quit eating rice!” it was an exciting vision, to see myself actually eating lots of greens, no rice, no red meat, just greeeeens. i will shed a lot of weight! according to this body composition analyzer i tried last april, i need to lose around 18 lbs of fats! yeah, i have 18 lbs of excess fat. and that was april last year! maybe now i’ve gained more. maybe i have 20 or 25lbs of fat now. hala! XD it’s makes me conscious. sino ba namang hindeee???? i have beer belly even when i don’t drink (often).

my mom supported me in my vegetarian delusion, even though both of us know we can’t hold the rice, especially steamy, white, freshly cooked rice, tapos ang ulam ay pritong kung ano, basta prito. whew. i CAN quit with the beef and pork, but oh no with rice. anyway. i’ll do my best!!! it’s not the first time i quit rice, before i entered college i quit eating rice, exercised everyday and did everyone’s laundry. i was pretty slim then. now i’m fat. =___=;

// i don’t understand arrays in flowchart, lol.

// hehehe. my crush and i shared a book awhile ago!  >:P no mental panic at all. sabi ko na nga ba di na sya major eh. >:P he checked my schedule, asked for my next class, noticed i was a scholar (which is weird because hardly anyone reaches the tuition fee assessment when looking at RFs), etc etc. it wasn’t even a conversation, it was a short Q&A with me doing the answering. he just asks. really. he asked more that he shared something. i know why, he must really be interested in knowing where in his past life he has met me before. or which planet i came from. is that good? why is this happening just now? when my feelings have faded? weird day.

i realized he’d look way better with glasses! oo promise, like Tom of PBB! >:Pcome on, try glasses!! >:D

and look, i shared my book with him but he isn’t really doing the seatwork. minus points. that’s probably why i started to dislike him, he doesn’t seem serious with his studies. crap.

// yes i have an emerging majorcrush and i saw him this morning before i came to class! nothing, just… saw him.  what, i wanna be friends with him! >:) so i have to get in THAT job. LOL

// lol i also heard sir erick santos is still at fern. wheeeere? why do i not see him? it’s in my wishlist to be in his class one day! haha

// gaaaawd flowcharting arrays. we have a homework i spent 2 hours figuring out! and i did! whew! and it’s funny because i figured out i only have to add one process to the original flowchart to make it work. and i spent 2 hours and 3 scratch papers on that. freaking flowcharts. =___=;

// i was semi-hurt that one of my facebook friends deleted me in his list. semi because wala naman talaga kaming pinagsamahan, we’re just shallowly acquainted with common friends and only met 4 times. i even greeted him one time when we saw each other on the street. really, i consider him a friend already. so why?

i was trying to keep my facebook friends real by adding only the people i know and vice versa, and i get this? oh well. i thought we were frienddddsss eh, sorrynaman. 🙁 guess he was trying to get rid of people he doesn’t really know? hehe ewan. >:)

ok done! haha

// i did taebo awhile ago. i frakking sweat hard! and that’s just 20 minutes! after the workout i realized it was too short pala, like “that’s already 20 minutes????” haha haha haha haha haha since i’m too lazy to go to the gym, i guess i’ll just buy workout cds.

i tried this jacqueline smith body balance cd we have that has been sitting on the shelf for yeaaaars, and daaamn it was funny! it was a mix of dance and body balance at the start, i didn’t finish it cos it’s too slow i got sleepy and the steps are too… retro. that’s ten years ago for you.

// and because my class is still in the afternoon tomorrow, i’m entitled to sleep late. haha >:P