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more on my insights about love + the awesome time and space warp feature i saw on nat geo

it’s funny how the couples i thought would never break up end up doing so after a couple of months (some, years). some separate for good, remain friends and move on happily. but i can’t forgive those who break up and become bitter afterwards, like nothing good ever happened in the span of time they were together. ever heard of gratitude? it’s cute how these people tweet and shouts out at FB about how romantic they are with each other, claiming “forever and ever ♥ ♥ ♥”. whenever i read posts like that in my live feed, i feel happy for my friend/s. but after a few months, a relationship status changed to “single”, and 50++ shocked comments, i ask myself, “huh? but why? they seem to be the happiest couple just yesterday.”

i can’t help but think how people actually love one another, or if they’re really in love in the first place and not just deluded by the misleading emotions they get. i mean, love can be easily confused by infatuation, and even a crush. and putting love in vain is the saddest thing we could ever do to it.

imagine if Love were a person and we keep on mistaking other people for it, doesn’t that hurt? like you can’t even recognize it when it’s what brought you to this world.

Love: hey, that’s not me! that’s Crush!
Crush: sorry, Love. guess they think you’re too shallow they mistook you for me.
Love: 🙁

Love must’ve been a sad person, being recognized only by a few people. and Crush, on the other hand must be enjoying all the attention it gets being constantly mistaken for love.

anyway. guys. this must prove how utterly conservative i am when it comes to engaging in relationships, i don’t easily admit i’m in love, i take time to realize it first before i say it out, because as i said, i don’t want to put my feelings in vain. i don’t want to hurt love, i avoid premature confessions (which i gathered, is the main cause for bitterness after breakups).

have i ever been in love? not yet. >:P

moving on…

i watched a super cool nat geo feature awhile ago (in the gym, while walking on a treadmill), i guess it was called Speeding Through the Universe or something… and it explained how speed is the key in studying how time and space works. it also talked about how immensely perilous a black hole can be, that when an object get sucked at it, even if it travels at the speed of light, it can never get out, that’s how powerful its pull is. and worm holes, yesss, those time travel tunnels i see in scifi movies that never fail to fascinate me, they explained the concept of a wormhole using an equally cool illustration.

wormholes are tunnels that enable you to transfer from one point to another in a short span of time. sometimes you get transported to a different space, and at some other times at a different space AND time.

imagine the cosmos, the universe, as a 2d rubber mat (scientists refer to this as a cosmic fabric). you plot 2 points on opposite ends, and the goal is to reach point B from point A in the shortest span of time. of course, if you’re referring to the universe, that would take lightyears. but if you fold the rubber mat, make the two points meet, and punch a hole in it, you got quite an impressive shortcut there. in the astronomical sense, yes, you’ve made a freaking worm hole. then again, that’s very difficult to do, you literally have to tear parts of the universe in order to create one.

there are many many more things that got me hooked to the feature and i just love nat geo because it’s so awesooooome. diba? i mean, i don’t fancy reading science books so this was a big big help. and there are fractals everywhere. >8D reminds me of my friend, jec. haha

right. i want cabled TV in my room! 🙁