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love knows no reason? the heck.

whoever said that is either too lazy or is not really in love.

i believe that there is a reason for everything. there is a reason for love. only God’s love is a mystery, human love is not! you love someone because she’s your friend, you love this kid cos he’s your child, you love your boyfriend because? “uhhm, i can’t explain it. i just love him!”

don’t give me that crap. is it romantic when someone can’t tell you why they love you? like it’s supposed to sound utterly enigmatic and sweet because there are no words to describe how you love this person?

my sister and i agree to this, that there is always a reason for everything (uhm, well except miracles hehe yeaaah and that scalar energy thing). if you’re truly in love, you give it your own definition. if you can’t explain it, then you’re not really in love. love doesn’t run out of words. being speechless is not an excuse.

coming from your resident hopeless romantic. yours truly. >;P
that’s probably the best shot i got about love, since i’ve never been there and i’m speaking out of second hand experience (books and friends).