A very personal blog

in the gym

i don’t really plan to workout, i just came here to make my parents
feel that i’m not wasting my membership. you know what, i’m so sleepy.
but i still wanna go window shopping cos it’s the last day of ‘the
great northern sale’ bwahaha. i don’t think i’m overworking myself
either, my mom thinks i need to rest because i’ve got work and school
to juggle at the same time now… but really… they’re overestimating
my job. @_@ the library is a cool place, it doesn’t get me tired at
all, and i only work for 4 hours a day. i mean, my only problem is
adjusting to a brand new sleeping pattern a.k.a. the healthy sleep
scheedule. insomniacs aren’t friends with day jobs. and also, my mom
thinks i’m starving myself! WHAT A LIE. if there’s one thing i can’t
resist being taken away from my lifestyle, that is indulgent eating.
mom, you don’t know how much cheeseburger i consume at school. i eat
less at home because i get easily full with organic yellow rice, i’m
thankful for that. i’ve been trying to avoid white rice for a while
and yellow rice is such a good alternative albeit being a bit
expensive. haha
goal for the day. get a new backpack! a nice one i could use for
school cos i now have a lot of things to stuff in… like my baon,
water tumbler and books. i feel like a highschool student! 😀
it’s almost february.
yah, *quoting mark* hukeyrz?? HAHAHA