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i want!

ok. i’m officially for noynoy aquino now. figured i can’t trust villar with the Philippines. LOL look who’s talking, someone too lazy to register. hehehe ;P come on, noynoy, change the philippines. and yes, i want that shirt! i want the yellow shirt. you want? http://pepetee.multiply.com

// i signed up for the music ministry this aftertoon. i dunno, they gave me a form, maybe because they saw me staring too long at the plate full of candies they have on the reg table. at least i signed up. i admire our church choir so much because they sing lively hehehe i never imagined being part of it, but yeah. whatever. ;P i got candies naman, hahaha.

// when i was still in sunday school, i used to give presents to this old lady vendor outside our church every christmas. she also used to give me free candies hehehe (which i politely refuse naman kasi benta rin nya yun e). i stopped giving when i came to college cos i moved to los banos and lived there for three years. when i came back, i don’t see her anymore, instead i see a middle-aged guy selling on her part (her son, i guess). i wondered what happened, but i already thought maybe she got sick or something since she’s already old.

awhile ago, i asked kuya vendor where lola is, and he said she just died last november 14, 2009. 🙁 haaay, that was depressing. i could still remember how her face lights up when i give her gifts, how she would smile and cover her mouth (cos she has no teeth na) when she takes them, how she would insist on giving me the candies when i try to refuse it, gently shoving them to my hands. i will truly miss her. she has been a big part of my growth as a Christian and i will be forever grateful for her.

rest in peace, lola Felomena. 🙂
Lord ha, you take of her! thanks ;P

naman! nakaka-sad. :(((((