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blow me away

chick lit still owns me, after all. it’s the only genre i could finish reading in a single sitting. actually i’ve just finished reading Confessions of a Shopaholic (ebook) and i liked it! well, writers of this genre have the same style, which makes it easier for us readers to just grab a book by the shelf and not worry about getting uncomfortable (and bored) with unique sentence structures… blah blah blah, weirdly i get affected by stuff like that. i don’t even care if people think i’m reading books for the dumb… well it makes me laugh, no other book can make me laugh like i do with flicks. hahaha anyway, i’m a sucker for romance, especially when reading chick lits wahahahaha because it always seems comedic and romantic at the same time. lol my giddy hormones are erupting like crazy on the last part of the book where Rebecca and Luke was dating. wahahaha

Luke Brandon, is such a handsome name for a guy. fares almost like Clayton Westmoreland from Whitney My Love (Judith McNaught). those types of names just get automatically associated with multi-million companies and luxury cars right? whew. rich sounding names!

right. i have a class in one and a half hour.
and when i get back i’ll download the sequel. haha