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Month: January 2010

  • in the gym

    i don’t really plan to workout, i just came here to make my parents feel that i’m not wasting my membership. you know what, i’m so sleepy. but i still wanna go window shopping cos it’s the last day of ‘the great northern sale’ bwahaha. i don’t think i’m overworking myself either, my mom thinks…

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    hi pen tool 🙂

    hello pen tool by ~melodia04 on deviantART bwahaha! jec taught me how to use the pen tool yeheeeey! salamat bro! 😀 i’m a big failure when it comes to saving. apparently, the only money i have with me right now is my allowance for this week which is really small hahaha, just enough for the…

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  • haha kala ko pwede na ko matulog

    tambak pa pa pala ang dapat gawin. presentations, programs and favors from friends. haha busy busyhan nanaman ako. >:) my allergies are getting triggered in the library! my golly, i sneezed 20++ times during the 4 hours i stayed in the circulation section to collate the books at ang lala ng sipon ko hahaha kawawang…

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  • nakanamandisdey.

    // filitwo was freaking hilarious. during a seatwork, we were asked to do a map from commonwealth to FEU-fern, then a couple of graphs. the map that i checked was so funny, so he drew comm ave, sandigan, the overpass, the tricycle terminal blah blah. but the overpass was labeled FLYOVER instead WAHAHAHA laughtrip grabe.…

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  • haha malapit na mag feb! 😀

    what’s with feb ba? aside from valentines? edi FAIR!!! i’ll probably go fair-hopping next month. wla naman, diliman and lb fair lang nmn eh, yeah, and the compulsory school fair hahaha. come on, we’re selling tickets for a parokya ni edgar concert for 150! and up diliman is hosting a FREE concert on the same…

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  • i want!

    ok. i’m officially for noynoy aquino now. figured i can’t trust villar with the Philippines. LOL look who’s talking, someone too lazy to register. hehehe ;P come on, noynoy, change the philippines. and yes, i want that shirt! i want the yellow shirt. you want? http://pepetee.multiply.com // i signed up for the music ministry this…

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