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the quantum pendant and that freakin scalar energy thing, bogus or what?

after church we did a bit of shopping (not really) then went to commonwealth market to buy a sack of rice. mom called me for this demo thing she wants me to witness. mr demo-er is demonstrating how his product works! cool huh? like, duh? and his product is something like an anting-anting or an agimat –stuff ramon revilla passes on as heirlooms to his children and grandchildren– only, it’s backed up with quite a scientific research and various experimentations. the cost, 9000 pesos.

so the the product is called Quantum Pendant (yes, you can click on it, it’s not advertised text) and it claims to energize you (give you super strength!) and reduce health risks using Scalar Energy Field (SEF). well, SEF, as it is now is not a even a fact and many people (well, intelligent sounding forum users) are contesting its being a theory. it claims to get energy from NOTHING, so we’re kind of dealing with extreme physical impossibilities here (actually when i read that, i felt oddly stupid. so many fckn scientific jargons i could only think is meant to confuse me and make the article sound smart and credulous), though researches are (probably) ongoing…. but as far as my googling took me, i never read anything saying it has been proven… which sucks because my parents already bought two of them. that’s a depressing 18,000 for something that is based on unproven Science. i’m not skeptic about the SEF part (in fact, i am supportive of it — the people behind this are our modern Einsteins and Newtons), but i am about the pendant producing SEF.

anyway. mr. demo-er says the pendant gives you extra strength, i believed him easily because he had me on this ‘body balance test’ and i failed miserably, but when i held thy-mightly-SEF-powered-pendant, he wasn’t able to topple my balance at all! that amazed me, thought i could use it to show off at the gym LOL.

until i read about Placebo Effect just now (using search strings ‘quantum pendant scam’)… you know, asking someone with a headache to drink this tablet saying it can cure all sorts of head problems haha, then the sick person expectedly gets fine afterwards and thanks you for it. then you tell him the truth, that the tablet is just a piece of candy. hehehe and the now-fine person gets sicker thinking how stupid he is to fall for such a psych trick. yessss, that’s the freakin Placebo Effect. it’s all in the brain. in the brain. in the mighty brain. you can even convince yourself that you’re decapitated just by concentrating on it (though what’s the point?), yeah, but that’s a different story hahahaha

and so, i’m left with a huge amount of disbelief, but i’m not completely losing faith in it because the whole Scalar Energy research thing is entirely new and interesting to me (i read something about time and space warp, so that tickled a geek nerve in me), so might as well be assertive about it. so far, my short google trips didn’t give me anything concrete. some people say it’s real, some don’t

i think…

it’s expensive.
damn expensive for a piece of cooled-down lava from some Japanese volcano.

any suggestions on this is greatly appreciated. i like how the pendant looks, it looks…uhm, tribal and very agimat-ish. and it also gives me hope, though it could be a false one, that i could be stronger. i mean, as long as i strongly and firmly believe in that, i could hold on to any piece of odd looking jewelry and be as strong right?

when it comes down to it, it’s all in the mind.
as long as SEF has not been proven yet, the pendant is just an object you put your faith into. kind of like religion, yes.

and so we were sold an occult item for 9000 each. one for my mom, one for my dad, hey that’s 18 freakin thousand pesos. should i use the placebo effect to calm me down?

no quantum pendants nor scalar energy junk needed: 5 Superpowers You Didn’t Know Your Body Was Hiding From You