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quantum pendant faaaaiiil.

LOL it’s not too bad, it’s just that i didn’t feel particularly stronger when i was doing my workout awhile ago at the gym. and i did try the weights (i quit doing weights for a month now cos i’m afraid of becoming too muscular LOL i just need to slim down, and tone a bit but not too much muscles please T_T) and uhm… it’s still the same. i can’t get past 15lbs in any of the machines in there. haha anyway, at least i did more in the gym today than i usually do! i walked at the treadmill, did weights, and had sauna. usually it’s just the treadmil and the sauna. hahaha aaah yes, and coffee!

^ was supposed to publish that yesterday but the connection died on me hehe.

so today: went to celebrate mika’s birthday at banapple katipunan! hehehehe yummy yummy pancakes but daaamn they’re too big @_@ wasn’t able to finish all 3 of them hahaha XD

rode the taxi til tandang sora… no jeepneys… faaaaiiiil. that’s 70 pesos! haha

oks! now i shall wait for my friends to arrive! were holding the barkada christmas party here at home!! yeheeey i ♥ BTS.

// there’s still hope for me to become a registered voter! haha til the 31st i guess? ok. will research now. k bye! >XD