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jotter pad

i’m excited for a lot of things!

a) the geek shirt that mika designed! i just ordered one and deposited the payment awhile ago! its says: GEEKS WILL CTRL+S THE WORLD. freakin cooool!!! excited to have it! >XD

b) jotter pad!!! it’s a blank notepad i bought awhile ago at national bookstore and it’s crazy cheap. 39.25 pesos only!!! you know what, i was supposed to buy the 200 worth drawing journal but i couldn’t find it anymore. then i saw this a5 sized sketchpad with a moss green metallic sheen cover that says Jotter Pad and mehn, i fell in love with it! hehehe i’m excited to draw! >:D uhhh, i still have another sketchpad so i’ve decided to dedicate that one to my staedtler triplus fineliner series (anyway it only has less than 20 pages)… and jotter pad… will be my new drawing journal!!! yeheeeey!!! >XD

c) i’m excited to read this book entitled Search Me: The Surprising Success of Google by Neil Taylor. i also just bought it awhile ago… for 20 pesos. LOL whattasale, considering it’s about Google? the writer must be a major flop. but then i’m not really interested with google… i just want to have something to read. which reminds me, i haven’t finished The Graveyard Book yet. hehe

d) divisoria. or quiapo in general. i don’t care if it’s freaking overcrowded there. i need to complete my dvd wishlist this year:
– Ouran Highschool Host Club (because i lost my high-quality-stolen-from-Astra-copy and i miss Tamaki so muuuuch!)
– Gossip Girl Season 1 (yes. latebloomer here)
– Heroes Season 1 (yadda yadda yadda)
– Harry Potter 1-6
– One Tree Hill Season 2-6
– movies, anything actually… i want my own copy District 9.
oh and there’s a new cool movie coming up! i forgot the title! something like The Fourth Sign? sort of.  ALIENS. yeah. and milla jovovich. >8D taraaaa!!!!

plus, i want to search divi for a new wallet. preferrably an imitation of that red kipling wallet i saw last week. and i want a new backpack? haha

yesss, where are you $$$$$???