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Atty. Lorna Kapunan on The Bottomline (with Boy Abunda)

i was trying to look for a video but failed. 🙁 by far, it’s one of the most intelligent interviews i’ve ever watched. mind that i don’t really listen to interviews because most of the time the questions are crap and the interviewer lacks proper feedback or is just reading out the questions and staging a reaction AND the interviewee’s answers are all scripted.

anyway, Atty Lorna Kapunan is Hayden Kho’s lawyer. her being a woman stirred up a lot of intrigue as she is fighting against a case involving the violation of women’s rights. her sense of feminism was questioned the moment she agreed to handle the case.

the interview tackled a lot of things, not centering on just the Hayden-Katrina issue but basically everything that is touched by her expertise, law. i liked it because they (referring to Boy and Atty Kapunan) talk so fluently, the questions are straight to point and Atty Kapunan’s answers where both direct to the point, and intelligent.

in fact i learned a lot from that interview, mostly words of wisdom and political puns… heeeeryugow:

// love is giving someone power over you.

// how to deal with negative intrigues. treat it like mud. when someone throws mud at your face, never clean it by rubbing it in cos it’ll only spread further. rather, let it dry, then flick it way.

win. >:D

// they also talked about Intellectual Property Rights and how it is so loosely implemented in the Philippines. i learned that IPR is under a treaty that the entire world agreed to, so your works (books, artworks, anything copyrighted and trademarked) are protected even in the US (and all parts of the world).

LOL and being a major pirate that i am, i’m quite happy that we aren’t so strict with this rule. talk about the dozens of books and mp3s i downloaded online, and the gross amount of photocopied books i spent so many sleepless nights on. yes, dvds too. >:}

// she said she can’t quite relate to politics. well, i can’t relate to politicians and their skewed concept of nationalism. but i agree with her when she said some candidates must be lined up against a wall, and get shot.

// BA: Bottom Line, are lawyers liars? Yes or No?
LK: Yes, but i’m lying. 🙂