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Month: December 2009

  • congrats kuya michael && ate myla!! >XD

    it’s my cousin’s wedding today yeheeey! congrats kuya michael! welcome to the family ate myla. both of them look so stunning that it sucks cos i don’t have a decent picture of them. grr, my dad is such a candid freak, he wants everyone’s unguarded moments to laugh at in the future hahaha. i caught…

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  • whew!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTHA && CARLA!!!! >XD today was both fun and exhausting LOL, my first time to host a house party. sobrang nakaka haggard pala yon? HAHAHA we’re supposed to hold it at KA’s house pero may party pala sila ngayon so we had to look for a different place, i offered mine… mostly to…

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  • quantum pendant faaaaiiil.

    LOL it’s not too bad, it’s just that i didn’t feel particularly stronger when i was doing my workout awhile ago at the gym. and i did try the weights (i quit doing weights for a month now cos i’m afraid of becoming too muscular LOL i just need to slim down, and tone a…

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  • the quantum pendant and that freakin scalar energy thing, bogus or what?

    after church we did a bit of shopping (not really) then went to commonwealth market to buy a sack of rice. mom called me for this demo thing she wants me to witness. mr demo-er is demonstrating how his product works! cool huh? like, duh? and his product is something like an anting-anting or an…

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  • asdfghjk

    i promise to finish The Graveyard Book before tuesday which is Mika’s birthday, because i feel guilty not being able to give time to read it! i figured that in a week, if i actually spent my facebook hours reading instead, i’d be able to finish 2 books. which is sad because, as much as…

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  • I Love You, Goodbye – Juris

    Wish I could be the oneThe one who could give you loveThe kind of love you really needWish I could say to youThat I’ll always stay with youBut baby that’s not me You need someone willing to give their heart and soul to youPromise you forever, baby that’s something I can’t doOh I could say…

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