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when there's no compensation for being ugly

sorry for being mean, but it’s the only way i can be brutally honest with myself and with everyone.

i want it to die, why won’t you quit talking about it? do you know how disgusting it feels to be involved in such a story? i’ve been rolling my eyes at this every time i hear about it. get me out of it for fuck’s sake!!!

sometimes it annoys me how girls can be so sensitive at times, like every joke catches them off guard and they bitch out like crazy. but of course i’m being partial, girls have the right to be sensitive because they are generally more emotional and if guys don’t understand how it works in our brains then they should all fuck off. i hate your jokes, you’re not funny. what the hell is it that you told these people to get them on your side? now they’re all for you and they’re pushing me.

you know what, i hate to sound judgmental because i’m afraid of karma. and i also don’t want to sound like a female jerk, so i’m not telling it straight on. but really, GIRLS, you should know how it feels to be in my place!

walk a mile in my shoes and feel the brewing disgust every time you hear people talking about it.

naiirita ako alam nyo ba yon? ang panget kasi! both literally and figuratively.