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Month: November 2009

  • so nasan si ryan???? >:7

    i lied when i said i won't go and see ryan agoncillo at smf. truth is,i came to see him but FAILED cos there were too many people… toomany freaking emo people flocking the entire annex. i dunno, i thinkhe isn't even there cos it's just like an audition… you don't needhosts for that, do…

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  • asan ka Ouraaaaan???

    my golly, i lost my dvd of ouran highschool hostclub! it’s the dvd of episodes 1-13 that i burned personally! they’re the super high quality vids i stole *sarreh naman* from Astra!!!! kanino ko pinahiram??? i don’t remember! and my code geass is still with kuya jepoy lol i want it baaaaaacck na. yeah, my…

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  • i never finish anyth—

    had lunch at yoshi with my family! i missed yoshinoya soooo much! it became my favorite resto because of their chicken teriyaki and red ginger (which turned super salty now. faaaailll). >_:) reading their letters make me feel like a better person, it uplifts my spirits! ay grabe they think i’m funny? ewan ko feeling…

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  • thar you gow

    ayan! ngayon ko lang ulit nabuksan memory card ng phone ko hahaha. kung di mo pa sinabi, bri! poring on brian’s hand >:D henna kuno on mine >:D rough ballpen sketch of ate theresa… months ago the usual ‘waiting’ doodle. favorite activity pag may hinihintay na matagal sorry, try lang naman. kaso panget haha oks!…

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  • >:|

    hello. my brain is clogged. >_

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  • broooo

    reassembling a broken piece doesn’t turn it back to the way it was. it’s not gonna be the same again. it may be stronger, but uglier. of course i’m talking about literal objects! wahahaha! kay, sobrang bigat pala sa tiyan (chan? tyan? ang awkward itype) ng krushers. moving on, if it were in real life,…

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