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Month: October 2009

  • 902

    pictures here. 🙂oct 29 – woke up at 4am to meet, yet again, with larz and michi for the second leg of our quest to get registered at comelec. i have an exam at 930 but i thought since it’s early panaman, we’ll get finished before it’s time. but nooooooo, when we arrived there at…

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  • >:

    // buti na lang i didn’t study for mathlog cos most of the items weren’t well elaborated in class. the bulk of the exam was about the last topic which was explained in a rush. di ko nga gets yung modus chorva eh haha. multiple choice ba naman with solution? anubaaaaaah, where’s the logic in…

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  • bucket of fries!!!!

    a day full of fries! i skipped my second class to pay for the midterms. 😛 // i actually planned to get home early cos my sister has a job interview at makati, shempre ako naman i volunteered to be her PA again! wahaha, alam na. 😛 weeeeeeeeell… my sister’s job interviews are the only…

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  • hehehe

    look what i found in the mail today! 😛 no, it’s not my adsense earnings (wish ko lang!). the mail contains important account information for the payment procedure. and no, i don’t have enough earnings yet. heck, i put down the ads two months ago eh. hehehe i guess i only have $10.00 since i…

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    it’s his birthday today! 🙂 🙂 ay! i dreamt of my crush this afternoon! there i learned where we first met, sa isang quizcon daw nung grade 5 ako. HAHAHAHAHANG WEIRD. tsk. gusto kong magfood-trip sa UP! tara na kasiiiiiii

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  • hate-list

    FOREWORD: same people// honestly, i don’t feel really angry about mr. leech, but i don’t like what he’s doing either. maybe because we’re not friends, and will never be. so i don’t care about him. aaaand as usual, he always ticks me off. so he copied most of my work… i can forgive that, so…

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