A very personal blog

of barren hints

terai: tids, how i can be a good elder sister to you?
me: bilhan mo ko nitong mango shake jelir
t: sige
m: O_O. *sip* uto uto ka talaga. bakit ba?
t: wala lang. wlang naniniwalang ate mo ko.
m: oi grabe, hindi a. muka lang akong mas matanda sayo haha tanggap ko na yn
t: e khit sa dorm feeling nila mas ate ka sakin e… sedih
m: sori naman! tgal na yun a! i always reprimand u kasi diba… hahaha binubully ba kita? fikir
t: di naman, feeling ko lang you always know what to do better kaya ganun. -_-;
m: talaga? kainin na lang natin yang cake mo *grin*
t: a, o sige. sayo na. sengihnampakgigi kanina mo pa hinihintay no?
m: actually, oo. angel

weeeeh. issue nanaman ba yan? i love my sister talaga. ever since she started working, may pasalubong ako everydaaaaay. hohoho and i never thought she still thinks about how i always seem to act like the older one. eeeh, madali lang kasi habulin ung 1 year e (mga tatlong paulo coelho, chka isang dan brown), buti kung mga 5 years apart kami. hohoho pero actually, there’s something about capricorns talaga e. i have a mental psych profile of capricorns kaya i know. eto mga favorite signs ko kasi na-aanalyze ko sila ng maigi: capricorn, scorpio, taurus, virgo. hahaha labo.


my close friends know i’m a mad crusher. i declare a major crush over someone and obsess on the guy for months, confuse myself with drawing the line between crush and love but end up picking the safest answer. i can’t love someone i don’t know (you too). that’s why i stalk. but i clearly can’t love someone i don’t know on a personal level. and being a mad crusher, i tend to get into a severe mental nervous wreck whenever my crush is within arm’s reach, making it almost impossible for me to get to know the person impartialy. that’s probably the reason why (i think) i’ve never been in love. aaaand, it’s also the reason why i know i won’t end up with the guy of my fantasies (aka my crushes) because it’s going to be a relationship full of frequent nervous breakdowns on my part and well, silence.

i feel like someday, i’m going to end up with a friend. yeah, like this sharon cuneta and aga mulach movie . ‘someday’ being a time where i’m on the verge of becoming an old spinster. i can never be sure. i find it easier to fall in love with a friend, though i’ve never been there and that’s just me speaking hypothetically. i think i have analyzed my friends (psychologically) enough to know how feasible this claim would be.

go figure.

PS: i greeted sir santos at the door awhile ago and he smiled back at me. i kinda conquered my nerbyos, yehey.
PS2: fcking hillarious, i saw someone at school who looks like howard wolowitz (big bang theory)