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Month: August 2009

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    as plain as it gets

    hi. I LOST MY ENTIRE LINKS LIST while doing this thing. so if you’re part of it, sorry but i have no plans of reviving it (for now). i’m also narrowing the chances that this blog would appear at google if you search for your link. wala lang. i like it because it’s black and…

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  • 😀

    //ang lungkoooooot ng district9. naiyak ako. maybe because it was open ended pero di rin. hanggang ngayon depressed parin ako. chka ang labo e (SPOILER ALERT). why didn’t MNU just help the aliens fix their mothership if they wanted to get rid of them? it doesn’t seem like the prawns want to settle on earth…

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  • down

    yehey. i’m done with the entire c++ project! 🙂 print and burn na lang. hahaha XP i even uploaded the entire thing at ning for my classmates. 🙂 whew. awhile ago i felt so doooooown, i wanted to cry. basta. hahaha XP but a few things consoled me immediately naman like the wondergirls (or boys)…

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  • swim swim swim

    i knew it. i shouldn’t have gone to school. it was a waste. i was looking forward to more loop examples (lol i still couldn’t get the pow function to work. dmt) but our prof only gave the schedule of the final exams then dismissed us, without even getting the attendance. and because we were…

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  • %random%

    before the day ends, HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEFFI! minutes from now will be jomuel’s birthday, but i’ll keep the shoutout at FB instead. 🙂 so, right.i say a lot of useless stuff when i’m bored so there, you have been warned.my entire super long weekend was extremely boring (including this day), i’m kind of missing school…

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