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Month: July 2009

  • yun o!

    illustrated by: mecolored by: kevin aww shocks, buti na lang kinulayan ni kevin! ngayon ko lang naappreciate! crush ko na nga yang ballerguy na yan e. tsktsk sori sa kamay a. i did my best to hide it HAHA di pa proportion. turo nyo kung ano ung mali! pag nakuha mo… wala lng. confirmed. k,…

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  • boysen 21 FEU 8

    today, i skipped class to watch our friends’ basketball game. nakooo matouch naman kayo 😛 met up with dan and yeth this morning at fcm, ang aga aga magpa-call time ni kuya dan. sure na sure syang maliligaw kami. well hindi naman. madali lang pala puntahan yung san andres gym na yun. hahahahahaha yung laban.…

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  • dami mong alam

    if i weren’t blogging too much, you wouldn’t know anything about me, would you?

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  • random memory

    i was tracing my stats and landed on my december 2006 archive (because someone went there, may nag-aarchive hopping kasi dito sa blog ko e hahaha hello to you!)… edi i reread all my stuff. so according to this, 3 years ago palang, i’ve already considered a future in CS. bat parang hindi ko alam?…

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  • reputation to protect

    tell me what did you expect?have you got not self-respect?reputation to protectsoon you’ll be a nervous wreck friend of mine – lily allen just a requote. her album is playing in an infinite loop in my head. crap. i’m doing our c++ finals. one of the rare times i do something productive with school (but…

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  • midnight scan

    it’s no wonder why i’m still awake. : i just named this one “1 of 20” (at DA) to remind myself of the progress i’m making. haha crappy title, so much for being creative awake. anywaaaay, i’m still not sleepy! what to do? T__T random thoughts right under the cut.oh right. i’m looking forward to…

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